Xtep JLIN 5 Versatile (Mismatch Colorway)

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Background and Recognition

Xtep Sports has named Jeremy Lin's fourth-generation signature shoe as JLIN 5 due to traditional reasons. Despite being the fourth iteration, it carries the number five. Known for its excellent performance, the JLIN 5 is referred to by Chinese basketball enthusiasts as an affordable alternative to the WOW 10 (Way of Wade 10).

Product Introduction for JLIN5

Three Core Upgrades for Speed Enhancement

1. Breathable Upper Material 
   - Lightweight mesh provides superior comfort and durability.
   - Weight is approximately 363g for size 43.

2. TPU Stability Support
   - Integrated TPU stabilizer enhances stability.
   - Ensures better control during rapid movements and sudden direction changes.

3. Innovative Cushioning System - XTEP ACE:
   - Features the advanced XTEP ACE cushioning, an ultra-critical shock-absorbing material.
   - Delivers exceptional shock absorption and energy return.
   - Multi-layered sole structure with TPU, RETPU (recycled TPU), and EVA materials for optimal performance.

Key Features

- TPU Stabilizer Plate: Provides arch support and stability.
- RETTPU and EVA Midsole: Enhances shock absorption and energy return.
- Upgraded Carbon Plate: Adds propulsion and speed.
- Large TPU Coverage: Improves grip and durability.

Technical Specifications

- Weight: Approximately 363g (size 43)
- Heel Thickness: 6.6mm
- Rebound Rate: Around 80%