WoW All City 12 Encore "Announcement"

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Way of Wade All City 12 Encore Basketball Shoes


  • Returning to Roots, Restarting the Journey: The "Encore" series originates from the WOW1 Encore series, symbolizing a return to the essence and a new beginning.
  • Tribute to Iconic Moments: Paying homage to Dwyane Wade's iconic moments on the court, moments that have become legendary and unforgettable.
  • Inspiration for the Young D-Wade: Encouraging every young Dwyane Wade to break barriers with determination and leave their own mark.
  • Make Your Own Way: Inspired by Dwyane Wade's personal motto, urging players to forge their own path and strive for excellence.

Lightweight Cushioning, Quick Response

  • Equipped with full-length Li-Ning BOOM cushioning technology for high-efficiency energy return, assisting in quick take-offs and delivering outstanding on-court performance.
  • The midsole features a TPU stabilization system to enhance foot support, preventing slippage and increasing stability.

TPU Support, Stable Protection

  • The midsole uses a TPU arch support system, combined with a TPU outsole to provide stability, helping to keep the foot secure during movement and reducing the risk of injury.

Strong Traction, Anti-Slip Durability

  • The outsole is equipped with durable rubber and a GRU anti-slip wear-resistant system, offering five times more durability than regular rubber.
  • Designed with dry grip patterns, it increases traction by 30%, ensuring you won't easily slip during gameplay.

Comfortable Fit, Breathable and Fresh

  • Features a specially designed upper material that provides a snug fit, combined with breathable mesh and a high-elasticity inner boot design to enhance comfort and ensure your feet stay cool and fresh.

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