WoW 808 2 Energy

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Product Background:
WoW 808 2 series features a light color matching scheme with a breathable design. The shoe upper uses comfortable material for a better fitting experience. 
Design Details:   
- One-Piece knitted upper is made of breathable material.
Key Features:    
- Drop-in Midsole
The shoe is compatible with different midsoles for different purposes. Such as better support, cushioning, lighter in weight, or better bounce ability. This design serves to meet the different needs of basketball players. 
This is a stabilizer in the midsole to connect the front sole and heel. It enhances the support and stability of the shoes.
It is an advanced version of CLOUD technology, featuring better bounce ability and is lightweight compared to traditional EVA material.
This is a TPU wrapping stabilizer on the heel. It provides support upon jumping up.

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