Andrew Wiggins AW2 DNA

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Peak Wiggins Signature Shoes - Generation II

Elevate your game with the latest innovation in basketball footwear - the second generation Peak Wiggins Signature Shoes. Engineered for peak performance, these sneakers are designed to offer an unparalleled blend of style, comfort, and technology. Experience the future of basketball shoes today and step into greatness with every move you make on the court.

Innovative Surface Pro Upper Technology:
Our cutting-edge Surface Pro Upper technology redefines the standards of basketball shoe construction. This advanced material offers exceptional durability, flexibility, and breathability, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and secure through every sprint, jump, and pivot.

Revolutionary Midsole Technologies:

  • Light Bounce Technology: The upper layer of the midsole features our innovative Light Bounce technology, providing responsive cushioning that propels you with every step, ensuring maximum energy return and shock absorption.

  • Shovel-Shaped Full-Length Carbon Plate: At the heart of the midsole lies a strategically placed, shovel-shaped carbon plate. This full-length feature enhances stability, distributes pressure evenly, and optimizes energy transfer, allowing for explosive movements and high-speed transitions.

  • Ultra-Lightweight Tai-chi Technology: The lower layer of the midsole incorporates our groundbreaking lightweight Tai-chi technology, offering unparalleled comfort without compromising on responsiveness or durability. This technology ensures your feet feel light, enabling quicker movements and providing a feeling of playing on air.