AG2X Three Moonlit Ponds

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AG2X Product Technology Introduction:

  1. New Keleton Support Structure:

    • Composed of intersecting PEBA and TPU materials.
    • Provides strong torsional resistance and enhanced stability support.
    • Efficiently balances and transfers midsole forces.
  2. ENRG-X Rebound Technology:

    • Achieves a rebound performance of 65%+, aiding in jumps.
  3. QU!KFOAM:

    • Provides cushioning shock absorption and steady landing.
  4. PEBA Ejection Plate:

    • Offers ejection propulsion and rapid stability.
  5. RB Anti-Slip Rubber Outsole:

    • Provides excellent anti-slip performance.

Upgrades Compared to AG2:

  1. Structural Upgrade:

    • AG2X adopts an integrated Keleton structure, which is more stable and robust compared to the interlocking structure of AG2.
  2. Material Upgrade:

    • AG2X uses ENRG-X E technology, improving forefoot rebound performance to 65%+.
    • Adds PEBA ejection plates to enhance torsion resistance, stability, and ejection initiation.
  3. Overall Performance Enhancement:

    • AG2X shows significant improvements in support, stability, rebound force, and anti-slip performance, making it suitable for higher intensity sports needs.



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