361 Big3 5.0 Quick 'Wind Rise'

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Big 3 Quick Basketball Shoes Product Technology Introduction

  1. ENRG-X E Tough Technology:

    • Enhances midsole stability.
    • Improves overall shoe support.
    • Quick response and rapid breakthrough capabilities.

  2. QU!K CO Supercritical Material Insoles:

    • Increases midsole cushioning to the extreme.
    • Enhances foot comfort.

  3. Durable Abrasion-Resistant Rubber Outsole:

    • Strong grip for both indoor and outdoor courts.
    • Provides firm and durable traction.

  4. Large TPU Midsole Wrap:

    • Increases midsole stability and prevents lateral rollovers.
    • Enhances lateral support.

  5. Outsole Anti-Torsion Plate with Upturned Design:

    • Upgrades overall torsion resistance.
    • Stabilizes the arch of the foot.

  6. Enhanced Ground Contact and Smooth Transitions:

    • Optimized midsole curvature for smoother transitions.
    • Suitable for high-movement changes, ideal for close-contact play and quick moves.

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