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CJ McCollum's second signature shoe, the CJ2, is known for its sleek design and high-performance features. The shoe includes advanced technology such as BOOM tech for optimal performance and a combination of foam and gel cushioning, which provides a plush and responsive feel underfoot, ideal for absorbing impact and reducing injury risks during intense movements​.


  • PROBAR LOCProvides support in the arch area of the foot, stabilizes the movement gait, and features enhanced resistance to torsion.
  • SOLID SYSTEM: The shoe upper incorporates the SOLID SYSTEM, a comprehensive fastening system, offering an all-round snug and adjustable fit
  • BOOM: Equipped with full-length Li-Ning BOOM technology, the forefoot enables quick start-up, while the heel provides shock absorption and rebound.ble.
  • LIGHT FOAM: The heel utilizes Light Foam technology, offering stable shock absorption effects upon landing
  • TPU: The design features an extensive TPU area that stretches from the forefoot to the midfoot and hindfoot, significantly enhancing the overall stability of the midsole



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