WoW - The Sixth Man III

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This model is inspired by Dwade's participation in Team USA  2008 Olmpic. Wade has perhaps been Team USA's best and most valuable player. He was the force behind Team USA's dominance

Release Date: December 20th 2019

Weight: 431 grams (US 9.5)

1. Li-Ning Cloud cushioning technology, midsole is made by high density polymer material offers responsive cushioning and transform impact energy into resilience power. It creates an efficient cycle system and also provides soft and lightweight.
2. TUFF RB A high abrasion resistant and anti-slip rubber material which is 33% more durable than ordinary rubber. Perfect for outdoor or rough surface court.
3. Breathable mesh upper providing excellent breathable performance.
4. Lycra Velcro design, providing 360 degree feet protection.

WoW - The Sixth Man III fits true to size.