Anta x Dragon Ball Super "GOKU Black" Men's Basketball Culture Shoes

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This shoes design inspired from Dragon Ball Super "Kakarotto", this Anta Son Goku basketball culture sneakers is filled with Son Gokue elements and A-Shock cushioning tech are available at Famuji Sneaker.

1. Black and red color represent the color of Goku's battle suits and belts
2. TPU midsole is green, represents the color of Goku's earrings
3. Detachable Velcro, the pattern is tenth cosmos King God "Potara Earring" and time ring
4. The insole printed "Goku Black" and Japanese name"ゴクウブラック"
5. Midsole with Anta core cushioning tech A-Shock design
6. Weaving upper, one piece neckline, leather shoe toe design
7. Wear-resistant durable sole printed Anta logo


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