ANTA Daggar 2.0 Black/ Mica Grey/ Ivory White

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ANTA Daggar 2.0 is the 2018 Klay Thompson China Tour Official basketball shoes with the ANTA A-SHOCK Stablizer cushioning tech.

Release Date: May. 29th, 2018

Colorways: Black/ Mica Grey/ Ivory White

1. A-SHOCK Stablizer tech: The mid-sole is made by a special high polymer material. Slows down impact. Gives full feet cushioning and amazingly high rebound

2. A  TPU shank at the midfoot for better anti-torsion

3. Mesh upper design providing excellent support and breathable performance

4. Super Flexi: A rubber outsole constructed with deep slices and reverse flex grooves, encouraging both flexibility and extention in both direction

5. Outrigger design using A-StableUP tech to keep you covered upon lateral movements